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Step by Step 2010 – done


And it’s done! This was a fun piece, and I’m very happy that I didn’t ruin it with all the experimenting (there’s been a bit of that recently). Unless anything changes, this piece will be part of the Arts Fund Expo at the W Hotel, for this year’s Art Basel in Miami. More on that very soon. Continue reading

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Step by Step 2010 – glazing and more


After I have a solid initial layer on everything, It’s time to correct and refine anything that needs it, and start glazing. for this piece I’m glazing with Liquin, mixed with various amounts of pigment. I’ll start with darks, gradually pushing my values to where they need to be. i’m using similar colors to what I used in the foundation, but generally much more colorful/saturated. Continue reading

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Step by Step 2010 – day 6 & 7


Now to fill in the painted parts of the figure. I do generally actually paint my models with black acrylic paint so I can portray it accurately, but I often end up changing the placement and quantity in the painting, since I usually have enough reference to improvise. I really love the way the black paint reacts to the harsh highlights — and if painted limbs are placed correctly, the paint will reflect the flesh tones and really do some neat stuff. Continue reading

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My new piece for Thinkspace’s 5 Year Anniversary show tonight. Continue reading

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Step by Step 2010 – day 5


Finally getting rid of that dark background mess with my light background color. It’s hard to see here, but it’s a mix of unbleached titanium pale and titanium zinc white , a little burnt sienna and a little raw umber. It makes a sort of “white” — but with a lot of depth. Continue reading

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